Monday, 6 July 2015

Pass the ball

RWC 2015 is coming up! Preparations are intense and the atmosphere is slowly building up. We are now witnessing the trophy tour of the William Webb Elis' cup which returned from the trip abroad and is now visiting different places in the UK. The fans can not only see it but also take part in various events which happen during the tour, such us touch rugby tournaments or a chat with Jonny Wilkinson - one of RWC 2015 ambassadors.

Apart from the official events around RWC, rugby lovers take initiative themselves to organize other events within their own communities. One of them is "rugby pass". Twitter's #rugbyunited came up with a great idea to film fans all over the world who catch the ball and then pass it on. The rules are simple. You just need to wear your club or national team’s T-shirt, film yourself when you catch the ball and pass it on and upload the video onto before the 8th of August. All the videos will then be put together and you will be able to see the ball being passed around the world.

I highly recommend that you join this great initiative.