Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Five brothers to debut in the national team

Whole families are quite often involved in rugby. There are many brothers playing together at grassroots level. Sons of coaches and former players are usually destined to at least try oval-ball sport, too. The trend is also visible at professional level. English fly half Owen Farrell is Andy Farrell’s son, Andy is one of the trainers in Stuart Lancaster’s coaching team. There are also some well-known rugby clans – such as Armitage or Tuilagi which produced many talented, world class players. You can quite easily find many more similar examples, but something may soon outclass them all.

Five brothers have a chance to make an international debut in Slovenia National Team which will play Bulgaria on the 12th of April. Jack, Max, Archie, George and Frankie Skofic, whose grandfather moved to UK after World War II, live in England, where they were born. They all play for the local club Tarleton RUFC in Lancashire. Their father, Jonathan Skofic, was involved in local rugby, he helped establishing Tarleton club. His dream was to play with his sons in one team, but tragic death destroyed this plan. Five brothers (aged 18 to 28) have already played together in the Skofic 7 tournament, which was organized in memory of their father. If they manage to make a debut together in the Slovenia National Team they will set a new record which will be published in the Guinness World Records. Brothers are very determined to get a place in the starting XV, so far their coaches rate them high. Good luck!