Thursday, 3 October 2013

The best play fair

All Backs is the best rugby team in the world. You don’t need to convince anyone about it. Supporters of other teams must admit that New Zealand is a real power. It’s impossible to count all successes they have achieved. Since its creation, the team belongs to the world rugby elite and defines the standards of rugby. 

The world champions scored the most points in official test games and are the only team to beat all their opponents. Since All Blacks debut in 1903, only 5 teams have managed to defeat them. New Zealand has been on the top of IRB ranking for most of the time since 2003 when the ranking was created. That does not surprise if you think they won over 75 % off all games. 

Rugby fans know more or less about these impressive achievements. There is, however, another record, which might have escaped their attention and which I find worth mentioning. New Zealand is one of the “cleanest playing” teams in the world. In 110 years they have only had 2 red cards. On the 3rd of January 1925, at Twickenham, during the game with England, the referee Albert Freethy sent off one of the All Blacks. It was the first red card in the history of test matches. In 1967, Colin Meads was given the red card, too. Since then, none of the players have been sent off. 

It looks that New Zealand is not only the best team in the world but also the fairest playing. Outside the pitch, the players represent high standards as well. They show respect to their rivals and hardly ever cause scandals. 

I think their attitude is a great example to follow for all young rugby players who look up to the world elite. It’s worth following the best example as it turns out that the real winners play fair and avoid unsporting behaviour. They understand the privilege and responsibility playing in a team jersey and especially national one.