Monday, 22 July 2013

Rugby stamps collection

A few months ago, I introduced my collection of rugby pins. It is constantly getting bigger and I have managed to add some interesting pieces lately. Apart from rugby pin badges I am also interested in other rugby memorabilia. Today, I would like to introduce you to a bit smaller but equally interesting collection of rugby stamps.

I have collected over 100 items from 17 different countries so far. Two items are particularly interesting – the world oldest official rugby stamp issued in Romania in 1944 and the second oldest issued in Fiji in 1951. I also have some nice looking sets; my favourites are from New Zealand.

Philately gives a very rare opportunity to create a complete collection. It is possible to obtain every rugby stamp ever issued as far as I know there are only a few hundred worldwide. I hope to get them all one day. :)

Below you will find some pictures of the majority of my current exhibits. I would also like to encourage all rugby enthusiasts to share their collections. I’m sure we could see some true gems.