Monday, 25 March 2013

All Blacks defeated by Cyprus!


History was made last week. Cyprus national rugby team won 18th consecutive match and set a new record. The previous streak of 17 wins in the official international games belonged to three countries - New Zealand, South Africa, and Lithuania. Cyprus started its run of good luck on the 29th of November 2008 against Azerbaijan; the latest victory came on the 16th of March 2013. The Cypriots destroyed Bulgaria 79:10. Congratulations! I hope the winning streak will stand even longer.

Below you will find brief facts about the record holders. Rugby union in Cyprus started in the 1950s. The British Armed Forces brought the game to the island. Military formed a league of six teams. The first civil club - Paphos Tigers joined them in 2003. Cyprus became affiliated to FIRA in 2007 and played its first international match in 2007. The National Team is known as “Moufflons” - a nickname taken after a kind of wild, horned sheep which habitats the island. The same animal is also in the team’s emblem. The Cyprus Rugby federation has adopted as its motto the famous Spartan phrase - “come back with your shield or on it.” The phrase couldn’t suit the player’s attitude better. Although there are not many of them andplaying in the national team is not profitable, they keep surprising and beating their rivals. So far, in all 23 games, they were back with shield 22 times! The team deserves respect; I wish them all the best!