Friday, 14 December 2012

Collection of rugby badges

A few months ago, I presented you with my rugby badges collection. The pictures of pins were only used to supplement the collector's guide which aimed at encouraging you to create your own collections. Over the past 6 months, I have managed to obtain many interesting and unique badges. Today, I have decided it's about time to show my latest acquisitions.

Let me start with a few words of introduction. First pins got into the collection in the 70s and came mostly from exchanges with players, coaches and other people connected with clubs or rugby unions. In the past few years, I managed to make the collection almost three times bigger than it was at the beginning, mostly by buying pins on internet auctions such as eBay. To keep my collection tidy, I had to set some rules. I'm only interested in metal pin badges linked to rugby union. I have some rugby7 or rugby league pins but only a few of them and these are of sentimental value to me. The collection is divided into separate groups: "rugby unions", "clubs" - sorted by nations, "Rugby World Cup", "tournaments and other occasions", "match days" and "other" - if I couldn’t find place for them in any of the above categories. Such organization is very helpful. It enables me to find items and generally keeps them in order - which is very important as there is quite a number of them.

The collection itself originated thanks to the efforts of two rugby lovers. They belong to different generations but both believe in the same ideals and are truly committed to the oval ball sport.
Collections can be of various types and the themes vary as well. The popular ones are: autographs, club gadgets, stickers, scarves, or t-shirts. Collecting metal pins is mostly associated with the Olympics; however a lot of disciplines have attracted fans who focus on a specific sport or club. Collecting badges that are somehow connected with your favourite discipline can become an interesting and engrossing hobby which also brings plenty of satisfaction. Apart from purely aesthetic aspects, collecting gives you an opportunity to increase your knowledge on a given subject and meet new people who may share your interests. I would highly recommend that if you are the owner of a small collection it may be worthwhile looking at expanding it as a small collection may as well turn into a private museum.

Below you can see 1251 rugby badges, divided into categories I've been using. Sometimes, I get hold of items which are already in my collection so if you are interested in exchanges, please let me know.
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Click to see the picture in full resolution