Thursday, 12 July 2012

Funny rugby games

Fans of the oval ball know that rugby games belong to the most interesting sport events in the world. In my blog, I have already mentioned the unique rugby atmosphere. Today, I would like to introduce the game from a totally different perspective.  Over years as a rugby player and supporter, I witnessed or played in games which were full of funny and unpredictable situations. I took part in the match where the pitch was located on the hill, so my team struggled to play uphill in the first half to get advantage in the second half. Another time, the game started on one pitch and finished on the other. We played late in the afternoon and when the visibility was next to zero, the referee decided to move the game to a nearby pitch which luckily had artificial lighting.

I could share many more similar situations with you, and I’m sure that the followers of my blog can add more to it. (If you would like to share your funny rugby stories, feel free to leave it in the comments or on

Below you will find a few funny rugby pictures and a short footage from the Internet.