Monday, 2 April 2012

Sale Sharks to change name?

My previous unofficial news has been confirmed - Danny Cipriani signed a 3-year contract with Sale Sharks. The team will be also joined by Richie Gray. It's a really good news for Sharks' supporters which shows that Steve Diamond is looking to strengthen the team. After recently lost games, the decision to contract new players can be easily justified. Two weeks ago, Sharks had a chance to qualify for the play-offs. Now we can only hope that they will manage to get into the Heineken Cup.

The club's change has an effect on not only the team, coaches and staff. The process is far more complex with Steve Dimond aiming to create a proffessional rugby team  which the fans from the entire North West can identify with. Attracting new supporters is definitely the right thing to do and the future relocating of the team from Edgeley Park which can hold 10 thousand supporters to the newly built stadium in Salford with 20 thousands seats, despite being controversial, has its good reasons, too.

What has resulted in a heated debate is the idea to change the club's name. The information is unofficial (again) however the roumor exists among people connected to the club.
It's about changing the "Sale" element to something else like "Manchester Sharks" or "North West Sharks". The supporters find it difficult to accept the new marketing idea. Sale FC was created in 1861 and is the fifth oldest club in England. It gave the beginning to a proffessional rugby team Sale Sharks which won the Premiership in 2006 and European Challenge Cup in 2002 and 2005.

150 year is a big piece of history and the current clubs' name has a part in it. Soon, the marketing plan may win with tradition and the supporters song "Saaaaale", which for years accompanied the games, will disappear from the stadiums. What is going to replace it? Is there anything that can replace it? The time will tell..