Thursday, 1 March 2012

Collecting rugby badges - part one national rugby unions

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Rugby is not only about emotions connected with games. Apart from people who are involved in the game as supporters, players, coaches or workers there are plenty others who develop their passion on different grounds. The people I mean here are the collectors. Collecting sport memorabilia is almost as old as sport itself. It is difficult to count all objects of interest. The most popular are match programs, tickets, autographs or shirts. For those who are interested in this subject I can recommend two very interesting websites about rugby memorabilia: and
Collecting can bring you many benefits. The most obvious is increasing your knowledge, but it’s also worth looking at the historic aspect that collections bring. Exhibits can become the best witnesses of history. They show how sport has developed and changed. Sometimes, everyday use items can be very powerful and become a living-proof of the past.

I collect metal rugby pin badges. I’ve got more than 900 items in my collection and the number is constantly increasing. Some of the exhibits are valuable even now. I have badges of countries that have been erased from the world map, clubs that no longer exist or competitions that are no longer played. My collection's main criterion is based on the connection of pins with rugby union 15-men code. I have split my collection into five sections: national rugby unions, Rugby World Cup, tournaments and occasions and last but not least pins specially crafted to celebrate games

On my blog, I will show you my badges, share some tips with those who are interested - collectors, and newcomers who are taking their first steps on this ground. In the first part I would like to introduce my national unions pins.