Monday, 20 February 2012

Sonny Bill Williams NZ boxing champion

Photo: Getty Images
Europe is still following Six Nations and Heineken Cup (not to mention Aviva Premiership and Rabo Pro 12), the south hemisphere is getting ready for the new Super 15 season. The teams have entered the last phase of preparation and plaing warm up games to check if their players are on fire.

Not everyone is preparing in the same way. Definitely, the most entertaining pre-season chose Sonny Bill Williams. This popular All Blacks' player and former Rugby League star, has recenly become New Zealand's heavy weight boxing champion. He won his fifth professional fight by TKO in the first rounf. He left Clarence Tilman III no chance whatsoever.

Sonny Bill Williams will surely become one of the players to look for in the next season. Nowadays, such versatile talent is becoming scarce as the players try to steer their carrers in one direction. 
Well done Sonny!