Thursday, 9 February 2012

Six Nations - round 1

The first round of Six Nations is over.
As we expected there was no shortage of emotion.
France won with Italy smoothly and looks much better under the new coach - Philippe Saint-Andre.
The three-colours will certainly be very dangerous this year. I think, they may be able to reach even for the grand slam. It seems that the only team that can spoil it is Wales. After a dramatic match in Dublin, where they won 21:23, Welsh are the second favorite to win the tournament. The fact that France will face Wales in the last round on 17th March adds spice to the rivalry. It is possible that both teams will go into this game undefeated.

On Saturday, Italy hosts England in Rome. Although they had no chance of winning with the second team of RWC2011 they played positive rugby. They have changed the style, played very bravely and ambitiously, definitely improved their  contact and offload areas. I think that if they play with similar commitment against England, they may have chances to gain first historic victory over this team. The red rose team was very lucky winning against Scotland, and actually got this victory as a gift from the Scots, who lost at their own request.
I have not seen England playing so poorly for a long time. If they don't improve in the next games, a victory against Scotland may be their only success in this tournament.
Similar story can be told about the Scots. Almost every year they show enormous potential but they are still underperforming. Once again, they lack accuracy in finishing actions and above all ability to score tries. It is hard to win games by obtaining points only from the penalties and occasional drop-goals.

The second round of Six Nations is coming closer.
My types are Italy, France and Wales :)